Symtech (SYMVFX1)

Radiator Coolant Fluid exchange
Mfg: Symtech
Part No: VFX1
Item Number: SYMVFX1
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $4,445.51
Price: $2,784.75
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Features and Benefits:

  • Dual mode, radiator vacuum drain and fill, pressure back flush
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • 15 Gallon used fluid tank
  • Relieves pressure in adaptor lines
  • Multi-fluid tanks

This Radiator Coolant Exchanger is a must for any professional shop. It has easy to follow color coded operation with a quick reference guide. Time saver, bleeding of the system takes time, but with the vacuum capability, airlocks are eliminated quickly. It's shop air operated, maximum pressure 15psi, radiator cap pressure release, pressure / vacuum test and all adaptor included.