Symtech (SYMHBA5)

Headlamp Auditing System
Headlamp Auditing System
Mfg: Symtech
Part No: HBA5
Item Number: SYMHBA5
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $3,071.06
Price: $1,743.57
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Features and Benefits:

Aligns all types of headlamps in one inexpensive, portable, easy to use unit.

  • Photosensor positioning with light intensity meter that measures lamp intensity in kilo candels. 
  • Certified for safety inspections and approved for use in Maryland and Virginia.
  • Laser floor slope measurement. 
  • 8' floor guidance track. 
  • Mirror alignment to vehicle. 
  • Field calibrations is easy.  No adapters, no suction cups.  Nothing to attach to the headlamp. 
  • Multi bay usage - compact space saving design. 
  • Battery powered, no cords. 
  • Rechargeable, replaceable battery pack.
  • Portable, Multi Bay Usage
  • Specifications:
    • Height 68 inchs
    • Width 26 inchs
    • Depth 26 inchs
    • Weight 85 Lbs.
    • Power 9.6 v Rechargeable Battery with 110 v AC Adapter