Symtech (SYMBCA4)

Entry Level Headlamp Aligner
Headlight Aimer
Mfg: Symtech
Part No: BCA4
Item Number: SYMBCA4
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $904.99
Price: $491.96
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Features and Benefits:

Revolutionary ISOColor technology aligns all types of headlamps with one inexpensive, portable, easy to use system.

  • Step by step headlamp alignment procedures located on optical head
  • Laser floor slope measurement is accurate and easy to achieve
  • Precision engineered Fresnel Lens enables the technician to view the headlamps as they appear at 25 feet
  • Rotational mast allows for easy alignment of optical head to vehicle
  • Revolutionary ISOColor technology takes the guesswork out of headlamp alignment
*Not approved for state inspection programs.