Streamlight (STL99124)

AAAA Battery Clip Strip Display
Mfg: Streamlight
Part No: 99124
Item Number: STL99124
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $107.87
Price: $83.41
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Features and Benefits:

  • Clip Strip Display containing 12 separate packages of AAAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Each package contains 6 each AAAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Space saving Clip Strip design
  • Ideal impulse item to place near Stylus and Stylus Reach
  • Fits Stylus or Stylus Reach flashlights

The AAAA Alkaline Battery Clip Strip display includes: 12 individual packages of AAAA Alkaline batteries (each individual package contains (6) AAAA Alkaline batteries);  2  S" hooks and Clip Strips.   Batteries fit Streamlight Stylus and Stylus Reach flashlights.