Steelman (STE97220)

Mini EngineEAR Electronic Stethoscope and Vibration Detector Combo
Mfg: Steelman
Part No: 97220
Item Number: STE97220
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $68.75
Price: $41.70

Features and Benefits:

Unique diagnostic listening device specifically designed to pinpoint squeaks, rattles and any other troublesome noises.

  • The Steelman Mini EngineEAR Combo combines features and benefits of the Steelman ChassisEAR and EngineEAR into one small, affordable unit.
  • Clamp-on the sensor to a Spring; Torque Rod; Shocks; Body Mounts; Brakes; Dash Assembly; Door Hinges; Drive Train; Rear or Front Axle; Transmission; Transfer Case; Suspension; Sway Bars; Tie Rod Ends; Struts; Axle Hubs; Ring & Pinion Bearings; Mufflers; Catalytic Converter; 02 Sensor; A/T Case; Oil Pump, or even an un-torqued Bolt
  • Plugging in the conductive clamp activates noise cancellation feature, allowing user to focus on vibration only.
  • Includes:
    • Control unit w/detachable flex wand and rotary volume control
    • Aluminum contact probe
    • Inductive clamp with 16 ft cord
    • Ear bud earphones
    • Storage pouch
    • (1) AA battery