Steelman (STE6600)

ChassisEar Squeak and Rattle Finder - Multi Mic Stethoscope
ChassisEAR® Squeak & Rattle Finding Kit
Mfg: Steelman
Part No: 6600
Item Number: STE6600
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $205.99
Price: $104.05
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Features and Benefits:

Quickly pinpoints problems under Chassis, Fuel Injectors, Bearings, Gears & Suspension, Transmission, Differential/C.V. Joint.

  • Listen to six different under chassis locations in one road test
  • Hear noises that cannot be duplicated in the stall
  • Professional headphones shut out surrounding sound
  • Six color coded super sensitive microphone clamps attach to problem areas
  • 16 ft. wire sensor leads reach to all vehicle locations
  • Clamp the six sensors on springs, torque rods, shocks, body mounts, brakes, dash assembly, door hinges, drive train, rear or front axle, transmission, transfer case, suspension, sway bars, tie rod ends, struts, axle hubs, ring & pinion bearings, mufflers, catalytic converter, 02 sensor, A/T case, oil pump, or even an un-torqued bolt
  • Put gears, bearings, suspension under load so the actual problems can be detected
  • Six-way switch isolates each channel
  • Instant cross-comparison between all six channels can be made in one short road test
  • Saves needless warranty expenses in parts and labor