Steelman (JSP06400)

Electric Tracer Ear Stethoscope
Electric Tracer Ear Stethoscope
Mfg: Steelman
Part No: 6400
Item Number: JSP06400
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $66.57
Price: $40.25

Features and Benefits:

Pinpoints noise and location of worn bearings & bushings, noisy valves & lifters, broken or worn gear teeth, faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks, annoying squeaks and rattles.

  • Ultra sensitive microphone and amplifier uses 9V battery
  • Gives full range of sound - no missing frequencies
  • Isolates sound - no unwanted sounds bleed in
  • Non conductive - will not zap expensive computer circuitry
  • Flexible shaft reaches the tightest areas
  • Includes: 9V battery, wand with Amp & Mic, headphones, carrying case