Steck Autobody (STC71410)

Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit
Mfg: Steck Autobody
Part No: 71410
Item Number: STC71410
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $72.99
Price: $37.82
  • Half Shafts are sometimes difficult to break loose with a pry bar. Saves time as the Axle Popper Kit is quick and sure every time. Safer than using a pry bar as the Axle Popper’s wedge forked end applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft for sure release of the shaft. It is versatile as the tapered ends of the fork allow the technician to strike the Axle Popper Wedge or use it as a pry bar to release the half shaft. The Shim is included to fill the gap between the half shaft and the transaxle on some vehicles. Valuable tool for transmission shops, garages, tire shops and body shops.
  • Tool Need: Break loose half shafts from transaxle on front wheel drive vehicles.