Steck Autobody (STK32955)

BigEasy Glo/Easy Wedge Kit
Big Easy Glo / Easy Wedge / Non Maring Wedge / Lock Knob Lifter Kit
Mfg: Steck Autobody
Part No: 32955
Item Number: STK32955
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $71.75
Price: $42.84

Features and Benefits:

  • BigEasy Glo
    Actuates the lock button, door handle or electric locks on 98% of all cars and trucks. Fast, easy, with no training. And it glows in the dark!
  • Easy Wedge
    Controlled opening of the car door for insertion of the BigEasy
  • Non-Marring Wedge
    Use to spread door frame or as starter wedge for Easy Wedge
  • Lock Knob Lifter
    Lifts traditional and late model Japanese lock knobs at the top of the door.