Steck Autobody (STK20048)

Replacement Head - Rounded
Replacement Head Panel SHaper - Rounded
Mfg: Steck Autobody
Part No: 20048
Item Number: STK20048
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MSRP: $18.00
Price: $17.12

Features and Benefits:

  • New Air Hammer driven self lubricating Nylon reinforced head that allow the technician to easily access deep reach areas and badly deformed sheet metal surfaces to form them back to original shapes
  • Unique Nylon head shape allow each tool to be attached to your air hammer to fix body lines, concaved areas and flat surfaces
  • Head can also be customized by grinding the head to any specific angle and shape required to perform the repair
  • Saves the technician arm fatigue and up to two hours of repair time over traditional hammer repair
  • Rounded Head - straightens out wheel house and quarter panels