Steck Autobody (STC20037)

Flange Lever
Mfg: Steck Autobody
Part No: 20037
Item Number: STC20037
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $22.50
Price: $14.50

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique double ended reverse 1/4&ldquo - hook design made from hardened alloy steel gives the technician easy access to buckled metal edges
  • Flat hook allows for easy manual alignment while the 35 angle bar allows technician to access areas like radiator supports
  • Flange Lever design allows for technician multiple angles to gain hand clearance for flat and/or angled pulls while using the body of the tool to provide maximum leverage for manipulating the damaged flange or panel edge
  • Quick movement along the damaged area allows for multiple metal manipulations without needing to unlock and relock locking pliers used today to perform flange repairs
  • Quickly access hard to reach damaged frame flanges, door and hood edges as well as radiator supports to bring back to proper edge alignment