2 Post Secondary Lock System

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is pleased to announce another important manufacturing improvement designed for our Atlas "chain-over roller" two post lifts. These Atlas two post “chain-over roller” lifts have a spring loaded secondary lock system (SLS) that automatically engages in the event of a slack or broken chain. 

The "chain break" SLS was designed and incorporated into these lifts, so that in the unlikely event that a chain would break, the SLS (secondary locking system) would automatically engage.  The SLS "grabs" the slack or broken chain and holds it in place. 

On lifts that have dual point lock release, the locks are automatically engaged as the lift is raised. When the lift carriage (sitting on the lock position) is ready to be lowered, the operator raises the lift carriages (slightly...with pressure from the power unit) and then goes to both columns and pulls the wire release cables. When the wire release cables are "pulled out", the column locks are "disengaged" and the vehicle may be lowered to the ground by depressing the "dump valve lever" on the power unit.