Solutions Plus (SLPSA-55)

Water-Base Solution for Sink Style Washers
Water-Base Solution for Sink Style Washers
Mfg: Solutions Plus
Part No: SA-55
Item Number: SLPSA-55
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $1,170.27
Price: $985.99
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Features and Benefits

  • Water - Based

  • Enviro - Friendly

  • No Silicas

  • Removes Greases and Oils Effectively

  • Biodegradeable

DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR KT600C-55 Aqueous-Based Scrub Tank Cleaning Solution. Scrub Away is a significant improvement over the caustic solutions commonly used in spray washers. At a dilution of 1:6 with water, heated to 110 F, Scrub Away effectively removes oils and greases. Due to Scrub Aways’ low residue formula, in many cases no rinsing is required. Single-stage washing system is practical. A 16% solution of Scrub Away heated to 110 degrees replaces all hazardous caustics and acids in submersion washing systems. Parts washed in Scrub Away and dried are protected from rust for 7 to 15 days. These parts can then be coated or bonded, without further treatment. Scrub Away can also replace chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemicals in a vapor degreasing tanks. These vapor tanks can be converted to a Scrub Away immersion system without costly equipment expenditures. We recommend this conversion for improved agitation to ensure cleaning effectiveness.

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