Solar (SOLPL2310)

Pro-Logix 10/6/2A Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer
Mfg: Solar
Part No: PL2310
Item Number: SOLPL2310
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $112.49
Price: $52.71
Note: This item is not available for sale in California.

  • Fully Automatic, Microprocessor-Controlled Operation – Simply set charging parameters and press "CHARGE"
  • Properly charges all battery types, including Conventional, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries.
  • Advanced Multi-Phase Charging Process charges each battery based on its needs for optimal results.
  • Optimized "Soft Start" and "Battery Recondition" rountines specifically address the needs of problem batteries.
  • Charging status indicators alert the operator on the progress of the multi-phase charging process.
  • Enhanced maintenance mode provides ideal conditioning of batteries in long term storage.
  • Temperature compensation feature adjusts charging parameters based on ambient temperature.
  • Thermally activated fan control reduces noise and extends unit life.
  • Voltage settings: 6/12
  • 6 Volt Charging Amps: 10/6/2
  • 12 Volt Charging Amps: 10/6/2
  • Functional Mode: Automatic
  • Output Cable Length: 72”
  • Output Cable Gauge: 12 AWG