Solar (SOLPI1500X)

150W Power Inverter with Sonic Compression Technology
150W Power Inverter with Sonic Compression Technology
Mfg: Solar
Part No: PI-1500X
Item Number: SOLPI1500X
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $59.25
Price: $29.97
SOLAR power inverters, featuring Sonic Compression Techonology, deliver clean, reliable power from a 12 Volt power source to a wide variteyt of power equipment and appliances. The 150 Watt model, PI1500X, utilizes a perfect shape and size for convenient in-vehicle use (same size as a 12oz soda can). It features one USB outlet, ideal for powering small electronic devices, and one 115V AC outlet. Utilizes a 12 Volt outlet plug for power connection to the vehicle.

Sonic Compression Technology utilizes a proprietary modified sine wave to provide stable, clean and reliable power with high surge capacity for use in powering a wide variety of electronics, powered tools and appliances.

Features short circuit protection, fault leakage protection and under/over voltage alarm to ensure safe operation of the inverter for the operator and powered equipment.

Great for using with:

  • iPhone or iPod
  • recharging cell phones
  • kids game systems (Nintendo DS, GameBoy, PSP, etc...)
  • DVD player
  • mp3 player
  • camping or road trips
NOTE: A typical hair dryer is rated at 1500 Watts or more (over 11 amps). This power inverter will not handle such loads. Please consult the device's instructions