Solar (SOL5122)

Cooling System Flushing Adapter Kit
Mfg: Solar
Part No: 5122
Item Number: SOL5122
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Features and Benefits:  

  • This 3-piece kit extends the service range of Model 5120 Heater Core Flusher to equal that of Model 5125 Cooling System Flusher 
  • Expands service range of Model 5120 
  • For use with VIPER Cooling System Cleaner No. 5090 
  • Includes Universal Coolant Adapter, 5/8" Quick Connect Heater Hose Adapter and 3/4" Quick Connect Heater Hose Adapter 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

With the increased popularity of long life coolant equipped vehicles and the service issues surrounding them, shops are seeing more cooling system performance complaints. Many times, these complaints stem from restricted flow in the heater core. Component replacement is time consuming and expensive. Using this kit, the heater can be flushed and cleaned to resolve flow restrictions, saving time and money and restoring system performance.