SK Hand Tool (SKT9132)

Piston Dead Blow Hammer - 32 oz.
Piston Dead Blow Hammer - 32 oz.
Mfg: SK Hand Tool
Part No: 9132
Item Number: SKT9132
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $101.99
Price: $59.06
    Outlasts rawhide, rubber, brass, lead, nylon, and other plastic type heads by 10 to 20 times! Convex faces on head are designed for maximum dead blow non-bounce action and are cut resistant. Shot filled canister provides dead blow action in head. Canister in head and heat treated rod in handle are fully encased in hot cast polyurethane. Steel canister and rod are welded together. Features a textured, non-slip, comfort countered handle and safety flanged butt. No mark, no spark - complete protection for machinery, product and worker Slim line design is ideal for all types of assembly and repair operations. Specifications: Face Diameter: 1.75 Head Length: 8.50 Overall Length: 12.75