SK Hand Tool (SK 85002)

SureGrip Cabinet Screwdriver - 3/16in Slotted 10in Long
3/16 x 12in. Slotted SureGrip Cabinet Screwdriver
Mfg: SK Hand Tool
Part No: 85002
Item Number: SK 85002
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $27.09
Price: $11.79

SureGrip® Long Screwdrivers
  • Longer blades provide improved access and reach
  • Vapor blasted tips provide torsional stability in screw head recess
  • Comfortable, square handle design allows you to generate maximum torque with minimum hand fatigue
SureGrip® cabinet screwdrivers
Tip Size: 3/16"
Description: 12" SureGrip® cabinet screwdriver
Manufactured by an S-K affiliated company in Europe