SK Hand Tool (SK 7726)

Safetywire Twisting Pliers Automatic Return
Safetywire Twisting Pliers Automatic Return
Mfg: SK Hand Tool
Part No: 7726
Item Number: SK 7726
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Features and Benefits:

  • SK safety wire twisting pliers provide the technician results that conform to the highest standards.
  • Safety wiring, primarily used in aviation and all forms of racing, is used to secure critical fasteners and prevent them from coming loose.
  • The SK Safetywire Twisting Pliers make securing critical fasteners with safety wire much easier, compared to regular pliers. Regular pliers require manual twisting which take time and effort, resulting in fatigue.
  • SK’s wire twisting pliers, simply clamp and lock the twisting pliers on the wire, and with a simple twist the wire easily twists along tighly.
  • Length - 6.00 inches
  • Automatic return features return springs
  • Clutch-Action Pull Knob
  • New improved Lock Slide
  • Reversible action enables right AND left twists
  • Lifetime Warranty