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Shopping Internet Lift Companies? What Makes Ours Better...

Welcome to Greg Smith Equipment Sales, your one stop shopping center for the absolute best selection of high quality automotive service equipment at the lowest possible price.

We have been in business for over 30 years. Most Internet automotive distributors are not a "brick and mortar facility". Most of these Internet companies have NO physical address...just a toll free number and PO Box. Check the HOME Page or the CONTACT US page of most other automotive equipment distributors. Most of the distributors are nothing more than just a small office in a strip mall, or just a PO Box, or toll free number that is forwarded to a cell phone. Greg Smith Equipment has eight brick and mortar locations (with a combined total over 220,000 square feet) that stock the majority of equipment we advertise on our web site. We employ over 35 sales, service and shipping professionals. Our goal is to help you make an intelligent buying decision, make sure your order is shipped promptly, and your technical or installation questions are answered professionally.

If price is your only consideration and you believe another company has a lower price for the "same" product as Greg Smith Equipment , we ask that you give us a call so we can help you make an intelligent buying decision. We know that Price is a very important factor, however, we will not sell you a piece of equipment that we believe would not perform properly is unsafe. If you call us and want to buy one of our $1,495 above ground lifts that you expect will lift a one ton diesel dually (safely)...we will ask you to either spend some extra money and get a more heavy-duty lift that will safely perform the operation...or ask you to call another company. Greg Smith Equipment knows there are several other lift distributors that will tell you a $1,495 lift is perfect for a one ton diesel dually. They are wrong.

We are the LARGEST independent distributor of above ground lifts, tire changers, and wheel balancers in the USA. We understand the Industry and we know our competition. If you want straight answers to straight questions, call the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment. We can match pricing on many NO-NAME products found on the Internet and also can offer the technical support that you will not find at many of those "boiler room" operations.

Call us if really want to know the real facts about automotive service equipment. Greg Smith Equipment has the most qualified sales and service professionals in the Industry. The lowest prices on the best auto service equipment (and low shipping rates) make Greg Smith Equipment your "BEST DEAL".