Sharpe (SHA289221)

Finex FX1000 1.2mm mini HVLP Gun
Finex FX1000 1.2mm mini HVLP Gun
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 289221
Item Number: SHA289221
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MSRP: $170.99
Price: $124.98
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    1.2mm Tip for base coat, high solid, single stages, clear coat The FX1000 is a mini HVLP gun that will not sacrifice comfort when touchup and precision jamb performance is required. Innovations of the Finex gun include 29% fewer parts, precision lids, repair kits, optional 3M PPS adapter, optional interchangeable aluminum cups and lowest trigger pull among all guns in its class. Full-size performance in a mini-size gun and mini-size cup Two-finger trigger for anti-fatigue painting in small areas Large pattern size, up to 9 inches Includes FX1000 gun, 125cc cup, wrench and cleaning brush Air Consumption (cfm): 7.0 SCFM Max Inlet HVLP psi: 29 (2.0 bar, 200 kPa) Dry Weight Without Cup: 322 g Air Inlet npsm: 1/4 in. Finish: Black Nickel Cup Size: 125 cc Pattern Size: 9.0 in. Warranty: 1 year