Sharpe (SHA288884)

FX2000 Conventional Spray Gun (1.3mm)
FX2000 Conventional Spray Gun (1.3mm)
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 288884
Item Number: SHA288884
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Features and Benefits
  • Large pattern size, up to 12”
  • 1.3 nozzle recommended usage: base coat, high solid, single stages, clear coat
  • Includes FX2000 gun, 600cc aluminum cup, wrench and cleaning brush
  • Includes one year warranty
  • Repair kits available
The FX2000 conventional air spray gun delivers an excellent automotive finish when HVLP is not required. Other features include: best in class atomization and largest spray pattern, easily repairable, and lightweight and ergonomic. Specifications - air consumption: 9.5 scfm; air inlet: 1/4".