Sharpe (SHA288882)

FX3000 HVLP Spray Gun
FX3000 HVLP Spray Gun
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 288882
Item Number: SHA288882
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $182.99
Price: $126.96
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Features and Benefits
  • Includes 600 cc aluminum cup, wrench and cleaning brush
  • Large pattern size, up to 12.5"
  • A HVLP gun with one 1.8mm nozzle
  • PPS adapter accessory available
  • Repair kits available
The new and improved Finex™ FX3000 gun offer unmatched spray pattern size and Performance at an exceptional value. Innovations of the Finex gun include 29 percent fewer parts, 3M® PPS® adapter, interchangeable cups and lowest trigger pull among all guns in its class. The FX3000 HVLP is a full size spray gun for larger jobs and is the gun of choice when HVLP is a required.