Sharpe (SHA288881)

Finex FX3000 1.5mm Full Size HVLP Spray Gun
Finex FX3000 1.5mm Full Size HVLP Spray Gun
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 288881
Item Number: SHA288881
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $182.99
Price: $122.93
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    1.5mm Tip for Base coat, sealers, enamels, medium to high viscosity, clear coat Full size HVLP spray gun for larger jobs and the gun of choice when HVLP is required. Innovations of the Finex gun include 29% fewer parts, precision lids, repair kits, optional 3M PPS adapter, optional interchangeable aluminum cups and lowest trigger pull among all guns in its class. Large pattern size, up to 12.5 inches Includes FX3000 gun, 600cc aluminum cup, wrench and cleaning brush One year warranty Air Consumption (cfm): 9.5 SCFM Max Inlet HVLP psi: 29 (2.0 bar, 200 kPa) Weight With Cup: 1.11 lbs. Air Inlet npsm: 1/4 in. Finish: Black Nickel Cup Size: 600 cc Pattern Size: 12.5 in. Warranty: 1 year