Sharpe (SHA253439)

Razor HVLP Primer 2.3mm Spray Gun
Razor HVLP Primer 2.3mm Spray Gun
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 253439
Item Number: SHA253439
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MSRP: $635.48
Price: $334.99
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Features and Benefits
  • 10 PSI at the air cap
  • Lightweight, ergonomic gun body and ergonomic handle for painter comfort
  • Superior clear coat, base coat and primer capabilities
  • Wide spray patterns and remarkable material flow
  • Optimized for exceptionally fine atomization
The new Razor guns represent a single gun platform that supports painting needs from clear coat to primer material – making it easier to adjust to one gun, reduces number of replacement parts and provides the perfect blend of first-rate atomization and extraordinary transfer efficiency.