Sharpe (SHA253438)

Razor HVLP Primer Spray Gun - 1.8 Needle Nozzle
Razor HVLP Primer Spray Gun - 1.8 Needle Nozzle
Mfg: Sharpe
Part No: 253438
Item Number: SHA253438
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MSRP: $635.48
Price: $334.99
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Features and Benefits
  • 10 psi @ the air cap
  • Lightweight, ergonomic gun body for painter comfort
  • Superior clear coat, base coat and primer capabilities
  • Wide spray patterns and remarkable material flow; application: primers
  • 3 year warranty
Sharpe knows that in today’s auto-refinish market, time truly is money. As painting professionals, you are faced with greater pressure in the market to complete jobs faster and to get them done right the first time. That’s why we developed the RAZOR Gun platform. It offers superior performance AND reduces production time.  This is the lightest gun on the market.

One Universal Platform
The new RAZOR guns represent a single gun platform that supports painting needs from clear coat to primer material – making it easier to adjust to one gun, rather than switching between guns to complete various jobs. This means less time spent learning and maintaining multiple guns and more time spent in the spray booth. Plus, standardizing on a single gun family reduces your costs for replacement parts.

Premium Performance

In addition to a universal platform, the new RAZOR guns offer superior atomization, spray patterns and material flow that outperform competitive models. If your material demands high transfer efficiency, fine atomization or wide patterns, the RAZOR has got you covered.