Seymore of Sycamore (SEY9810)

Spruce General Use Spray Paint, Flat Black
Mfg: Seymore of Sycamore
Part No: 98-10
Item Number: SEY9810
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MSRP: $26.75
Price: $13.57
  • A top quality spray paint that is economically priced. Spruce provides a tough finish that is durable and inhibits rust. Available in a complete line of high gloss colors, with some available in semi-gloss and flat finishes. Hides well, dries fast, and resists chipping and peeling. For maximum protection, rusted metal surfaces should be wire brushed and primed with the Spruce primers.
  • Suggested Uses: Most types of metal, wood, and wicker such as: Garden equipment, Filing cabinets, Desks and Tables