Schumacher (SCUSP1)

Battery Charger Maintainer, 2 Amp, 6/12V
Mfg: Schumacher
Part No: SP1
Item Number: SCUSP1
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $46.71
Price: $26.94

Features and Benefits:

  • 8 stage battery charger maintainer
  • Designed for 6V and 12V regular and AGM batteries
  • Includes 12V port adapter, ring connector and battery clamps
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Cleans up sulfation and extends performance of battery

Patented 8 stage charging and maintaining technology for 6v and 12v AGM and standard batteries. Auto voltage detection, temperature compensation and other features provide faster, safer and smarter charging. Easy to use with LED's to signal charging status. Includes 3 options for connecting to vehicle. Will extend the power and performance of a battery. Product offers a 5 year warranty.