Schley (SCH97300)

Toyota Timing Belt Tensioner Compressor
Toyota Timing Belt Tensioner Compressor
Mfg: Schley
Part No: 97300
Item Number: SCH97300
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $49.19
Price: $30.54
    Replacing the timing belt on Toyota 5VZ-FE, 3.4 liter V-6 engines is a very difficult task. The professional technician has no means to effectively compress the hydraulically activated belt tensioner without spending additional time removing engine components. These popular engines can be found in 1995 and later T-100, Tacoma and 4 Runner trucks. In operation this tool is placed between the belt tensioner and the water pump pulleys.Then by slowly turning the tools inner nut, pressure is applied to the hydraulic tensioner pushing it into a position that allows the technician to place the supplied locking pin into the hydraulic piston push rod. Once the locking pin is in place the tensioner compressor can be removed and the timing belt placed on all appropriate pulleys. After the belt is placed on the engine pulleys, the locking pin can be removed to return tension on the timing belt.