Schley (SCH91400B)

Universal Valve Spring Compressor
Mfg: Schley
Part No: 91400B
Item Number: SCH91400B
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $237.49
Price: $124.98
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    With this latest evolution to our Universal Valve Spring Tool we have added the ability to actuate thecompression tube even in tight confined locations like under the cowl where the lever cannot be moved ormay not even fit. By adding the ability to separate the lever from the compression tube anywhere alongthe bar you can compress the springs that are confined by brake boosters, AC housings or other factors bylocating the lever along the bar where there is open space.
  • Access to valves in areas that are not in open areas with engine in vehicle
  • Valve springs can be depressed “remotely” , depressor bar and compression tube are separate
  • Complete universal kit with multi adjustable points
  • No need to remove engine due to confined areas saving time
  • No other valve spring compressor is as universal and adjustable
  • Depressor tube slides easily to each valve location without changing settings
  • All components store neatly in a blow molded box
  • Older Universal Valve Spring Compressors can be upgraded to the “B” model