Schley (SCH67600)

VW/Audi  Timing Belt Pulley Holder
VW/Audi Timing Belt Pulley Holder
Mfg: Schley
Part No: 67600
Item Number: SCH67600
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $60.25
Price: $41.81
    This crank pulley holding tool has been developed to aid in the removal and installation of the crank bolt on VW and Audi four cylinder engines. These crank pullets need a special tool to hold the pulley stationary for the crank bolt to be removed and reinstalled to the factory torque requirement. Previous to this tool a chain wrench has been used in the past. This, in most cases, damages the pulley which in turn prematurely wears out the belt.
    Works with:
    1.8L 4 Cylinder turbo VW and Audi 1998-2006
    2.0L 4 cylinder VW 1993-2005
    2.0L 4 cylinder turbo VW and Audi 2006 and later