Schley (SCH15500)

NOX & SOOT Sensor Socket Wrench Set
Mfg: Schley
Part No: 15500
Item Number: SCH15500
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MSRP: $89.95
Price: $64.55
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Features and Benefits:

  • Kit fits 24mm & 30mm NOX & 24mm SOOT Sensors
  • Crow Foot design provided access to sensor W/O cutting wires and limited access applications
  • 1/2" Hex allows 1/2" breaker bars to be used for high break away torques required to remove sensors
  • 6 and 12 Pt SP Grip Drive contacts the sensor hex body
  • Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Diesels and other manufactures using NOX and SOOT sensors

24mm and 30mm NOX and SOOT sensors are used in Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with 3.0L Diesel engines and other vehicles using similar sensors.  The sensors are installed in the exhaust system similar O2 sensors used in gas engine vehicles and are subject to heat, rust & corrosion requiring special wrenches to remove these sensor.  Sensors are normally mounded between the top of the exhaust pipe and the floor pan heat shields.  Kit includes a 24mm socket wrench used on NOX and SOOT sensors and a 30mm socket wrench used on larger 30mm NOX sensors.  Both sockets can be used on other manufacture applications using these sensors.  Socket wrenches include 6 and 12 Pt SP Grip Drive contacting the sensor hex body, not the tips of the sensor.  This provides more torque strength from the socket.  1/2" square hole is also provided for 1/2" breaker bar use.