Schlegel (SLG875B)

Standard Mount Buffing Pad - Pile Height 1-1/4", Diameter 7-1/2"
Mfg: Schlegel
Part No: 875B
Item Number: SLG875B
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MSRP: $30.62
Price: $16.68
    Extra care in preventing edge burning of painted surfaces is built into these pads. The sides of the buffs can be used to polish hard-to-reach areas or uneven surfaces. The patented Round-Up edge retains its curve for the life of the pad. Featuring a recessed arbor that will fit the contours of any standard backing plate. Round-Up pads can be installed quickly and securely. The pads are constructed of 4-ply 100% wool yarn attached to Schlegel®'s patented flexible backing.