Save Phace (SPC3012985)

Black Mamba SUM 2 mask
Mfg: Save Phace
Part No: 3012985
Item Number: SPC3012985
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Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding eye and face protection for boating, motorcycling, or off-roading
  • Outstanding grinding and cutting sheilds
  • These also offer superior protection for any job requiring safety goggles with protection for your whole face not just your eyes
  • Replacement lenses available in clear through shade 12
  • military grade anti-fog coating on all interior lens surfaces

The Save Phace SUM 2 masks are designed to offer the ultimate in eye and face protection while boating, mortorcycling, or off-roading,  They also make excellent cutting and grinding sheilds and can replace safety goggles in any application where they are required offerring more comfort, less fogging and full face protection