SAS Safety (SAS266150)

Prof. OV/N95 Resp.-Medium-Clamshell
Prof. OV/N95 Resp.-Medium-Clamshell
Mfg: SAS Safety
Part No: 2661-50
Item Number: SAS266150
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $67.32
Price: $59.38
    Durable silicone face piece guaranteed to withstand five years of washings. The unique sliding adjustment system on the head harness keeps loose straps secure and out of the wearer's vision.
    New improved yoke and head harness design reduces face piece slippage.
    NIOSH Approval:TC-84A-1427
    This respirator is recomended for protection against mists of paints, lacquers and enamels; insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides free of oil; dusts, fumes and mists free of oil; and certain organic vapors. Not for fumigants.