RTI Technologies (RTI011-80026-00)

Premium AC Refrigerant Flushing Fluid
Premium AC Refrigerant Flushing Fluid
Mfg: RTI Technologies
Part No: 011-80026-00
Item Number: RTI011-80026-00
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Premium AC Refrigerant Flushing Fluid

Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically formulated to clean and extract particles (including common leak sealants) left in R-134A or R-12 A/C systems
  • Superior miscibility provides optimum cleaning and protection
  • Is designed to flush all vehicles and ideal for use with major closed-looped flush machines; it meets all A/C compressor (new and rebuilt) manufacturer requirements
  • Was recognized (for the 2nd year) at the 2003 MACS Conference as a major A/C technology break through for removing leak sealants, which are damaging refrigerant recycling machines and
  • A/C system components