Robinair (ROB16455)

TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector
TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Mfg: Robinair
Part No: 16455
Item Number: ROB16455
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    TruTrack Ultrasonic Leak Detector
    TruTrack is an ultra-sensitive leak detector, which uses ultrasound technology to hear the sound of a leak. It makes finding leaks
    fast and accurate, because it eliminates annoying false triggering and interference. Also, theres no need to recalibrate for background noise.
    TruTrack is the perfect complement to other forms of leak detection. Its effective on systems that are pressurized or under vacuum,
    because it senses the frequency of refrigerant escaping. Larger leaks may require the use of UV or electronic leak detection systems.
    Use TruTrack to identify...
    Refrigerant leaks. Pressurized gas leaks.
    Vacuum leaks. Dry nitrogen gas leaks.
    Steam leaks. Failing solenoids, valves, bearings.
    So Sensitive It Hears the Blink of an Eye!
    Easy to Use Just put on the headset, adjust the sensitivity level, and place the sensor near the suspected problem area; you can use the sensor alone or with one of the probes. Positive Identification You hear the sound of the leak in the headset with no beeps or squeals; the sound is loudest when you are near the leak.
    Accurate Wind, stray gases, or other contaminants will not trigger a false alarm; the unit suppresses most background noises.
    Dependable There are no clogged tips to clean, or sensors to replace, to get accurate readings.
    Versatile Ideal for a wide range of service and preventive maintenance applications. Taking regular readings of bearing or solenoid function, for instance, can show increased noise, which may be a sign the component is starting to fail.
    Saves Time and Money Pinpoints leaks quickly and accurately; can be used to prevent downtime by identifying potential component failure; hears tell-tale sounds without tearing down the equipment.
    No. 16455 TruTrack ultrasonic leak detector.