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Why do I see "Add To Cart To See Price"?
Some of the great brands we carry are from manufacturers that have a pricing policy called "Minimum Advertised Pricing" (MAP, for short). We adhere to their MAP policies and do not advertise below the MAP price.

However, this does not mean we are not able to sell at an extremely competitive price. We just can't show you (i.e., "advertise") these deals. We respect our manufacturer's MAP policies because they are important, but so are our customers. Check our prices, because we will have a great price.

You must request the price by:
  • Placing it in our shopping cart, or
  • Calling us directly

So, how does MAP pricing work?
Many people are not familiar with the term MAP pricing and don't understand why we will not show the price.

MAP (Miinimum Advertised Price) basically means a manufacturer of a product has a policy in place that prevents distributors from advertising some or all of their products below a certain designated price. Many manufacturers choose this method as a means to ensure the integrity of their products in a very competitive market filled with knock-offs and imports. Violations of MAP pricing may result in the manufacturer not allowing the distributor to provide their tools, equipment or supplies.

It is not a "bad" thing. It often helps keep product standards higher for the customer. If you shop around and keep seeing the same price or "Add to Cart", this is a good indication of a product that has MAP pricing restrictions.

The key to remember is, MAP pricing only prevents us from advertising a great deal.

Why do some online stores show prices?
Well, simply, not everyone plays fair. Businesses that choose to violate the policies are not upholding a professional standard of conduct. Watch out for these "opportunities" as it is often a reflection of the way the business operates. Stores that violate MAP pricing may be looking for a quick buck. It may also be an indication of whether the product is even genuine.

Also, manufacturer's are becoming much more diligent to patrol and enforce their policies. Some manufacturers will not honor warranties sold through a distributor that violates their MAP policy. At the least, manufacturers may pull their products from a distributor that is caught violating their policy.

Since we adhere to MAP pricing, you know you can count on us to bring you the selection and quality you need.

ToolTopia.com is committed to providing the best brands and selection
to our customers.

Are the "in the cart" prices really good?
We wouldn't say they're good - We'd say they're GREAT!

We want to make it worth your effort to shop with us. When you see "ADD TO CART TO SEE PRICE", just think of it as your golden "Easter Egg".

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