Redline Detection (RDL950700)

SmartFit™ Universal Cooling System Test Kit
Mfg: Redline Detection
Part No: 95-0700
Item Number: RDL950700
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $239.16
Price: $141.99
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Features and Benefits:

With SmartFit™, technicians have a single test kit that expands to fit 100% passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks on the road today, eliminating the need for the abundance of adaptors necessary to pressure test all vehicles.

Manufactured in the USA*, SmartFit™ is a professional grade quality tool constructed of anodized aluminum and solid brass. SmartFi™ elastomeric adaptors are engineered with varying durometer ratings to ensure maximum versatility and performance.

While this adaptor set works with any pressure pump, SmartFit™ is also available with or without a pressure pump. SmartFit™ is the smart, fast, and easy way to test any cooling system.

  • Quickly & Easily Pressure Test Cooling Systems in All Vehicles
  • Fits Every Radiator and /or Plastic Reservoir
  • Works with Any Pressure Pump
  • Varying Durometer Ratings Ensure Maximum Performance and Durability
  • One Year Product Warranty
  • Made in USA* (*with globally sourced components)
  • Includes:
    • (1) Small Adaptor 
    • (1) Medium Adaptor 
    • (1) Large Adaptor 
    • (1) Adaptor Housing 
    • (1) Pressure Pump 
    • (1) Plastic Storage Case