Redline Detection (RDL950003B)

Smoke Pro® Total Tech® Diagnostic Leak Detector Kit
Mfg: Redline Detection
Part No: 95-0003B
Item Number: RDL950003B
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Features and Benefits:

The OEM Approved Smoke Pro® Total-Tech® gives technicians full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate and repair leaks in sealed systems.

  • Find leaks and sell the repair to your customer with visual confirmation.
  • One simple connection diagnoses an entire system in seconds so that technicians can repair more vehicles in less time.
  • Eliminate comebacks by verifying that leaks are repaired completely.
  • With this tool, garage owners expedite diagnostics, improve accuracy in repairs, heighten customer satisfaction and increase profits. 
  • Compact design hangs under hood or chassis.
  • Operates on common medicinal mineral oil. Expensive smoke compounds not needed.
  • Features a flow control valve enabling smoke flow regulation and pressure decay testing.
  • Internally fixed pressure of 12 to 14 inches of water column (approved evap test pressure).
  • Integrated flow meter.
  • Tamper-proof inline regulator.
  • Connect to compressed air and vehicle battery to operate.
  • Specifications:
    • EVAP Weight: 6.5 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 11 lbs
    • Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 11 in.
    • Operating Modes: Air Only Cycle; Smoke Cycle
    • Operating Temperature: 0°F to 120°F (-17°C to 42°C)
    • Operating Humidity: No Limit
    • Operating Altitude: No Limit
    • Minimum Leak Detection: 0.010”
    • Smoke Chamber Assembly: Bolted
    • Smoke Chamber Warranty: Lifetime
    • External Pressure Supply: Compressed Air
    • Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 year "No Hassle" Warranty
  • Includes:
    • (1) Smoke Pro® Total-Tech®
    • (1) OEM-Approved Smoke Agent
    • (1) Halogen Inspection Light
    • (1) EVAP Service Port Tool
    • (1) EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool
    • (1) Cap Plug Kit
    • (1) Exhaust Cone Adapter
    • (1) Plastic Accessory Case
    • Online Training Videos Provided