Redline Detection (RDL950003A)

Smoke Pro Total Tech Leak Detector Kit
Mfg: Redline Detection
Part No: 95-0003A
Item Number: RDL950003A
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Features and Benefits:

  • OEM Approved
  • Simple to use, one button, one knob
  • Uses common medicinal oil
  • Does not require nitrogen or UV dye
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Smoke Pro® Total Tech is simply the best diagnostic leak detector in the market today.  The Smoke Pro® is designed to help locate and pinpoint EVAP, oil, vacuum, exhaust leaks as well as many more.  No other unit will pay for itself in less than a month. Kit includes: A powerful Halogen Inspection light, exhaust cone adapter, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool, Cap Plug kit, new Scented Smoke Producing Fluid - able to find more repair jobs in over 200+ vehicles, and a training DVD.