Reading Technologies (RTCEH4000)

Eliminator II Regulator & Gauge
Mfg: Reading Technologies
Part No: EH4000
Item Number: RTCEH4000
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $747.22
Price: $499.99
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    Designed to provide low humidity air for one gun spraying. Patented "Inverse Flow™" technology. Removes water, dirt, oil and water vapor. Activated carbon pre-filter with automatic drain. Second stage desiccant final filter, no desiccant dust migration! 1/2" NPT Inlet, 1/4" NPT Outlet. 1.0 micron or larger and activated carbon oil absorption to 0.003ppm. Up to 30 scfm flow capacity. With spin-on, spin-off element maintenance, this unit is a best seller and perfect for prep and in the paint booth. Perfect for waterborne and solvent borne finishes. 1/4" regulator and gauge assembly.