RBL (RBL172)

Covers 15in Tires (Full bag design)
Covers 15" Tires (Full bag design)
Mfg: RBL
Part No: 172
Item Number: RBL172
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $116.59
Price: $58.94
    Built-in cling feature enables the BAG to wrap the tire for complete masking
    protection and keeps the BAG out of the way of air hoses and body technicians.
    Paint overspray sticks to film.
    BAG design allows easy cut-out of center of bag when painting hubcap of tires
    on trailers, trucks and busses.
    Tough and durable.
    Recyclable plastic.
    Tough, full BAG design allows
    using the bag twice,
    front & back. Cost effective!
    (2 for 1)