RBL (RBL108)

AutoMask Roll-on Dispenser 72in x 115'
AutoMask Roll-on Dispenser 72" x 115'
Mfg: RBL
Part No: 108
Item Number: RBL108
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $72.96
Price: $42.24
Features and Benefits
  • Paint overspray sticks to film
  • Strong, static-free
  • Ultimate solvent bleed-through resistance. Even paint stripper can't penetrate it.
  • Compactibility - wasd up into small, space-saving, throw-away balls. Cuts disposal space up to 70%.
  • Resists heat up to 230 F (110 C)
The pre-taped, pre-folded, hand-held paint masking system,that enables on man to mask for unlimited lengths, quickly and accurately, on all vehicles, reducing masking time and material waste. Choose the correct AutoMask masking drape for your masking needs.