Private Brand Tools (PBT70920)

Wireless V-Snake(tm) Viewer
Wireless V-Snake Inspection Viewer
Mfg: Private Brand Tools
Part No: 70920
Item Number: PBT70920
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MSRP: $765.71
Price: $107.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • The wireless camera wand allows unlimited access to inspection areas and precise camera orientation at all times
  • Provides high resolution remote video inspection allowing the user to view real time video inspection video
  • 30', 10 meter wireless inspection range
  • 4 channel wireless selection on camera wand and monitor to prevent interference
  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery in camera wand and monitor

The Wireless V-Snake™ Viewer is ideal for automotive, industrial, electrical, construction, plumbing, building maintenance and pest inspection.

Wireless Inspection Camera

  • 10mm camera wand with internal LED lighting and dimmer control on wand.
  • Flexible 28" / 700mm camera wand.
  • 90 degree mirror attachment.
  • Magnetic pick up attachment.
  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery.

Wireless Standard Monitor

  • 2.4" full color viewing monitor.
  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery.
  • Universal charging adapter for camera wand and monitor.
  • Hanging hook and fold out monitor stand.
  • Protective molded monitor cover.
  • AV Output
  • All components in custom blow mold case.