Precision Instruments (PRETC3F175F)

inTCin Torque Comparator
"TC" Torque Comparator
Mfg: Precision Instruments
Part No: TC3F175F
Item Number: PRETC3F175F
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $411.06
Price: $231.04
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    "TC" torque comparator is calibrated on torque testers which are certified using text bars and class "F" weights traceable to NIST.
    Meets or exceeds GGG-W-686C and ANSI B107. 14M.
    Perfect for a facility where a quick check of a wrench is required before usage.
    Excellent for tool trucks to verify wrench accuracy and avoid unnecessary service.
    Highly accurate from 20% of full scale to full scale.
    1/2" male square drive, 1/2" female square drive adaptor included.
    Large 175 lb.-ft. scale dial with increments every 5 lb.-ft for easy torque reading.
    Compact design allows for horizontal or vertical mounting.
    No power requirements.