Precision Instruments (PREC4D400F)

3/4" Drive "Split Beam" Torque Wrench with Detachable Head (130-400 Ft/Lbs)
Mfg: Precision Instruments
Part No: C4D400F
Item Number: PREC4D400F
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MSRP: $620.00
Price: $392.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • All steel construction and American craftsmanship
  • Requires only fingertip force to adjust across full scale in seconds
  • No need to reset the tool to the bottom of the scale after use
  • Three piece break apart designs allows tool to be stored in 29" custom case
  • Delivered in custom case made in the U.S.A

The split beam click wrench family is easy to set and does not need to be "turned down" after use - saving time in between applications.