Power Probe (PWPPPCT)

ScreamN Continuity Tester & Voltage Detector
Mfg: Power Probe
Part No: PPCT
Item Number: PWPPPCT
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $72.95
Price: $46.15
    Scream’N Continuity Tester (PPCT). We made it Scream’N to give you the advantage when working in noisy work areas. The PPCT volume is adjustable so you can make it scream, or adjust it for quieter work environments as well. Your new PPCT emits two distinct tones enabling you to differentiate between circuits above or below 10 ohms. The PPCT also emits a warble tone when it detects over 6 volts.The 10 foot long green lead keeps everything within reach. Should you find the need for a longer lead we have included a 10 foot green extension lead. The PPCT is powered by two AA batteries. The automatic shut-off maximizes battery life.