Porter Ferguson (POFMP0190L)

Multi-Puller with Optional Legs
Multi-Puller with Optional Legs
Mfg: Porter Ferguson
Part No: MP0190L
Item Number: POFMP0190L
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MSRP: $312.99
Price: $164.99
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Features and Benefits
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Primary components made of high carbon alloy steel
  • Includes optional legs for even more versatility
  • Inline and offset pulling
  • Elongated mounting holes
Versatile multiple application puller. 180 Degree swiveling tongue with offset chain engagement hole and three different body mount locations. Designed for use on frame rail pulls, frame mount pulls, shock/strut/tower/suspension pulls, pillar pulls, radiator support pulls, hatch pulls, latch pulls, hinge pulls, post pulls and anchoring/tie down. Specifications: Capacity: 3-ton (2.7 t); Clamping face: 4 1/4" (114 mm) X 4" (102 mm); Weight: 4 7/8 pounds (2.2 kg).