Philips (PHLLPL02B6LPB1)

LED Penlight
Mfg: Philips
Part No: LPL02B6LPB1
Item Number: PHLLPL02B6LPB1
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MSRP: $21.99
Price: $14.87

Features and Benefits:

  • Pen sized LED pocket light with maximum visibility
  • 6 powerful LED's ~ 250 Lux / 120 Lumen ~ super bright white light
  • Additional LED focus light on tip
  • Water and dust protected ~ chemical resistant
  • 3 Philips AAA batteries last up to 11 hours of non-stop use

The Philips LED Penlight has 6 powerful high-quality long lasting LEDs that projects a cool, white, and very intense light. Our Philips LED Inspection Lamps are ideal for everyday work environments. Because when people see clearer, they can work better.